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Our Sunday morning service is a special part of who we are at Cross Church. We believe that coming together as a church family each week is vitally important to our ability to connect and grow in our love for God and for one another. However, we don't believe that it should be the only thing that defines us. Our goal is to move our church beyond just "going to church" once a week as an attendee. We want our church to feel like home, where people feel comfortable and they like a part of our family.

While our culture at Cross Church is casual, our congregations love for another is authentic and our reverence for Jesus and and the Word of God is our central and on-going focus.

  • Our worship service will begin at 10:30 each Sunday morning, but fellowship begins earlier than that with coffee and donuts starting at 10:00. This is a wonderful opportunity within our church to get to know one another and we encourage everyone to come early and stay late. 

  • Our worship service is simple, yet powerful. Worship Team members belong to our church and they with their musical talents that inspire our congregation's faith in Jesus through a wide variety of contemporary songs. 

  • Following praise and worship, we receive Communion as a church family. All believers in Christ, including guests, are invited to partake with us. This is a sacred and holy moment we share each week.

  • After Communion we dismiss the children to attend their own classes while youth and adults remain in the sanctuary for our sermon, which is always based on the Bible.  

  • At the conclusion of our sermon, we close with an intimate time of prayer and response as a congregational family. People are invited to come forward for prayer and any other spiritual needs they might have.

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